When twilight drops her curtain down and pins it with a star, remember that you have a friend though she may wander far.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a new name.

My heart is too full of my own pain and sorrow.
I have no room for yours.
All I have is an ear to listen.
No advice, no comfort, no words.

Where do I place the weight of the world
When my own sorrow grows too heavy?
Where can I hide from the pain that surrounds me?
My heart is too full and empty.

I can no longer pretend I'm on this adventure.
This new life is no vacation.
I'm starting over. Alone. You're not with me.
Our dreams left on the sand.

The thrills and the lights so bright, they surround me
And silence the breaks of my heart
But inside a sorrow still sings a sweet melody
Of lost love and a life I won't know.

At times it is more painful to explain the feelings
And to understand the source of the pain.
If only I could just feel their symptoms
And in defiance, give them a new name.

Slowly, surely my heart strengthens.
The pain wanes each passing day.
The water is calm again for now
But another wave is on the way

My tears are a part of the ocean now.
My heart is part of the sea.
They flow and break when I let them,
Mourning what will never be.

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